VaultChain™ Silver

VaultChain™ Silver represents fine silver held physically at the Royal Canadian Mint, and uses a blockchain distributed ledger for data accuracy, real time tracking and transparent auditability.

How VaultChain™ Silver stacks up


Mutually interchangeable and divisible ounces of .999 fine silver. Not a security, derivative, future or other financial contract.


Direct ownership of physical silver vaulted with the Royal Canadian Mint. Request physical delivery via participating dealers*


Records of ownership are maintained on a digitally secure blockchain environment that investors can access to independently verify account balances.


By eliminating management fees, owners can avoid the layering of expenses associated with ETFs, as well as, physical bars and coins.

How is a VaultChain™ Silver account different from a silver ETF?

Each unit of an ETF is a security that represents equity ownership in a fund or trust that in turn holds physical silver with a bank or other depository. The fund or trust charges owners an annual fee to cover management, storage, marketing and administrative costs. Final beneficial owners do not directly own the underlying physical assets held by the fund/trust and in most circumstances cannot take physical delivery of those assets. With a VaultChain™ Silver account physical silver is owned directly by the final beneficiary, whose holdings are stored on a bailor-bailee basis with RCM and recorded in VaultChain™’s blockchain database; there is no trust or fund wrapper, which eliminates the associated management and administrative fees. The underlying assets are deliverable at the request of the final beneficiary(ies) through participating dealers.***

VaultChain™ Silver is available through the following authorized dealers.