About Us

Who we are?

  • Tradewind Markets enables physical and alternative assets to be traded, financed, settled, and mobilized as collateral with confidence, transparency, cost efficiency, and social responsibility. We do this by digitizing trading, settlement, and custody and by leveraging the successes of our professional team from across other sectors of the financial industry. Tradewind built a digital platform for alternative assets, starting with precious metals; we facilitate trading, settlement, custody of those assets.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to make physical and alternative assets more acceptable to buyers, sellers, borrowers and lenders through digitization. We will improve operational efficiency, reduce risk, enhance transparency, and reduce cost to own alternative assets.

Our Beginnings

We began by launching a physical gold product in 2018 and supplemented our offering with physical silver. Our product benefits multiple participants in the ecosystem:

  • producers—helping them unlock the value of responsibly produced metal
  • broker dealers—enabling them to diversify funding sources, meet the needs of next generation precious metals investors, and mobilize assets as collateral
  • investors—improving the user experience, reducing transaction costs, providing peace-of-mind in times of crisis, and empowering them to manage their own investment experience.

We believe the structure and soundness of the financial systems that support these products can benefit through careful, coordinated improvements in the way assets trade, settle, are custodied, and are deployed as collateral.

Other segments of the financial ecosystem may be ripe for a similar approach, and precious metals represent just one segment. Our team actively assesses other segments that may benefit from the unique combination of expertise—technological, financial, international, and managerial—that Tradewind offers.