Introducing Tradewind ORIGINS

ORIGINS empowers buyers to purchase based on their supply chain preferences, sellers to be recognized for unique attributes of their otherwise commoditized product, and refiners to offer value-added services to their existing and new clients.

Key Benefits

Sourcing Flexibility

Buy and sell precious metals based on individual sourcing preferences, including mine, artisanal, or recycled sources, geographic location, and adherence to global standards

Supply Chain Traceability

Supply chain linked to ownership records on the Tradewind Platform, providing consumers transparency to the original source

Scalable and Interoperable

Compatible with various supply chain workflows and manufacturing practices, including physically segregated or pooled refining processes

Information Integrity

Independent third-party verification by supply chain participants and validated by Tradewind Markets

Verifiable Records

Auditable and verifiable records compatible with major and emerging global standards and certifications

Compliance and Reporting

Facilitate compliance with global sourcing regulations and reporting requirements


Consumers are increasingly making sourcing decisions based on ethical, environmental, and fair trade considerations.

Regulators and standards bodies aim to implement regulations that promote best practices, and the industry seeks scalable processes and tools to respond.

Market participants who invest in responsible practices are unable to differentiate their products and receive recognition in the marketplace.

While bespoke proprietary products have been developed in the past, consumers seek interoperable solutions designed for today’s global supply chains.

Recent issues in global supply chains are causing significant disruptions in the market.

Participants in the global supply chain demand greater flexibility and transparency into the source of their raw materials and precious metals.

How Does It Work?

ORIGINS is a supply chain traceability solution that links detailed information about the provenance of precious metals and other alternative assets to digital records of ownership on the Tradewind Platform.

Using ORIGINS, customers have the flexibility to source precious metals according to their unique preferences:

Artisanal, Mine, or Recycled Sources
Geographic Location
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
Preferred Supplier, Mine, or Refiner

Users of ORIGINS


Miners, recyclers and other suppliers of precious metals ship the metal to participating refiners and use the ORIGINS application to create an ORIGINS Certificate - detailing relevant attributes about the source of the metal. The ORIGINS Certificate is linked to the digital records of ownership on the Tradewind Platform, providing transparency into the source of the metal for all future owners in the supply chain.


Refiners take delivery and process physical material received from suppliers, and verify the accuracy of the ORIGINS Certificate created by the supplier. Once processed, the supplier and refiner agree to the fine weight of gold or silver to be registered on the Tradewind Platform, creating digital records of ownership. The ORIGINS Certificate, as verified by the refiner, is linked to these digital records of ownership.

Market Participants

Market participants can purchase and sell precious metals with linked ORIGINS information, providing the participant flexibility to source metal that meets their specific sourcing needs. Participants can hold precious metals balances on the Tradewind Platform, with full transparency to the source of their balances, or elect to take physical delivery of precious metals at the refiner.