VaultChain™ Gold

Physical gold - digital ownership. VaultChain™ Gold is fine gold held physically at the Royal Canadian Mint with ownership managed via a secure blockchain distributed ledger.

How VaultChain™ Gold stacks up


Fungible and divisible ounces of .9999 fine gold. Not a security, derivative, future or other financial contract.


Fully backed by physical gold at all times and deliverable upon request.


No management or administrative fees. Driving the cost of gold ownership lower.


VaultChain™ preserves important information about the supply chain and provenance of metal.

How is a VaultChain™ Gold account different from a gold ETF?

Each unit of an ETF is a security that represents equity ownership in a fund or trust that in turn holds physical gold with a bank or other depository. The fund or trust charges owners an annual fee to cover management, storage, marketing and administrative costs. Final beneficial owners do not directly own the underlying physical assets held by the fund or trust and - in most circumstances - cannot take physical delivery of their metal.

VaultChain™ Gold is owned directly by the final beneficiary, whose metal is stored on a bailor-bailee basis with the Royal Canadian Mint and recorded on VaultChain™’s blockchain database; there is no trust or fund wrapper, which eliminates the associated management and administrative fees. The underlying assets are deliverable at the request of the final beneficiary(ies) through participating dealers.

VaultChain™ Gold is a superior store of value.

This example shows how fees degrade the value of traditional gold investments through time.

Inputs: 5 year investment period comparing VaultChain™ Gold with alternatives incorporating cost of acquisition and cost of carry. Assumes VaultChain™ Gold cost of acquisition at 15 bps.

Value lost to fees*

Ounces remaining

*Fee Inputs:
  • Gold Bars: estimated trade execution fees, estimated casting and other fees
  • GLD ETF: prospectus, estimated trade execution fees
  • VaultChain™ Gold: estimated 15 bps cost of acquisition

Evaluating VaultChain™ Gold

  Gold Bars GLD VaultChain™ Gold
Generic Ounces
Electronically Traded Limited
Cost of Acquisition 3-5% Low Low
Direct Ownership
Portfolio Integration Limited
Annual Cost of Carry 20-100 bps 40 bps Low
Physical Delivery

*Cost estimates inclusive of explicit transaction charges, implicit spread, allocation, location swaps and other fees associated with physical gold.

VaultChain™ Gold is available through the following authorized dealers.